Urban Agriculture Summit

From bee-keeping to community and school gardens, from aquaculture to rooftop farming, urban agriculture is becoming an essential element of food security, improving access to healthy, affordable food in a rapidly urbanizing world. It generates much-needed skills development and local employment while improving local environmental and community health.

The first Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto is presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and FoodShare.  It was an action-oriented event, us attendees cultivated new tools to advance urban agriculture in our own communities. We heard speakers from all over the globe share their initiatives that are greening the globe. The summit had two amazing keynotes, Will Allen and Paul Lightfoot that explored different aspects of the urban agricultural field.

Will Allen is considered one of the most influential leaders of the food security and urban farming movement, hearing him speak about his urban farming row intiatives in the food deserts of the US midwest had the audience itching to get their hands dirty. The sheer scope of his program was astounding. Check out a short video that tours his main urban farm by clicking on the link in the photo.

And his profile in Time 100 most influential thinkers of 2010: WILL ALLEN.

Paul Lightfoot is the CEO of Brightfoot farms, an incredibly innovative organization that designs, finances, builds and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms at supermarkets, eliminating time, distance and cost from the food supply chain. Paul spoke about his business model and the importance of shifting the value of food from “travelability” to taste and nutrition. His model for closing the loop was ambitious, but is already in play. Check out a video of him speaking at TEDx Manhattan by click on the link provided.

To hear about some of the other amazing workshops, talks and sessions provided at the summit check out the Workshops page above or click here: WORKSHOPS